For the left and right displays, select the dataset, variable, season, and percentile. The dataset names indicate the resolution and order of operations. For example,
  QR(GHCND Stations)
is the point estimates of regression slopes from the GHCND data, while
  smooth_R0.75x0.75(QR(GHCND Stations))
is the thin-plate spline smoothed estimate, with the field being predicted on the 0.75 degree ERA-Interim grid.

To synchronize aspects of the two panels, use the toggle buttons for color scale, variable, season, and percentiles. When the panels are linked, use the dropdown menus on the left to control the display.

For pointwise data, crosses indicate significant trends at the 95% level, while circles are insignificant. In the smoothed data hatched areas indicate insignificant trends, and stippling indicates that the values exceed the color scale.

Right click, save as: PDF .mat
Right click, save as: PDF .mat